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Escape Trails are 1 to 2-hour trails that showcase the uniqueness and secret history of the area through puzzle-solving adventures. Our self-built chatbots will quiz and puzzle, boggling your mind and blurring the lines between the imaginary and reality. Engage in electrifying quests, hunt for an escaped criminal or search for an ancient scroll in our large collection of Trails. 

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Q: What is an Escape Trail?

A great way to spend the afternoon with friends and family! You are given a mission to solve a mystery, and this chatbot will give you clues to guide you to various landmarks. You will tour through your chosen part of the city and stretch your mind while solving tricky puzzles. We have also included descriptions of the featured landmarks to deepen the understanding of our city.

Q: How long will it take?

Each Escape Trail takes 1-2 hours to complete and brings you to 8-10 iconic locations. All can be accessed by foot and no transportation is needed to travel between locations. 

Q: How many do I have to buy?

You will only have to purchase 1 Trail per group. Each trail can be played by up to 5 pax, although we recommend 2-3 pax per group for the best experience.

Q: Do I have to prepare anything?

Bring your sense of adventure! Also, don't forget to charge your phone and have an internet connection at all times.

Q: Can I play alone?

That is fine, but it will be more challenging. Don't say we didn't warn you!

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

The program is truly unique and has the extra edge for families to be engaged at their own time and pace within their small group.

[Rumah, Folk Tale]

Father of 2

The puzzles were really thought through and the facts provided were really interesting!

If there's nothing to do in town, you can do this! It's quite a short but fun one.

[Hidden Gems]


If you're looking for something to do with friends besides shopping and eating in Singapore and something that’s cheap you can come do this trail!

It’s the right amount of challenging. Great for team bonding!

[Finding a Founder]


Fun, engaging and intellectually stimulating!

Recommended to invite at least one other team member to maximise the fun and interaction!

[Finding a Founder]


Our Partners

Working with National Museum Singapore on The Hunt@NMS allowed us to reach more than 800 groups that included young families and groups of youth.

It facilitated the exploration of various galleries in NMS, inspiring visitors to view history through a fresh perspective, and was held during the National Day weekend in 2020.